Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crocheted Open Weave Mesh Scarf for Spring

Looking for a light weight spring season type scarf to crochet, I came across pattern for open weave mesh scarf.  First I tried the pattern on some ribbon yarn my mother had brought for me, but I would have needed about two more balls to get the scarf to a long enough length.  The ribbon yarn made up into a neck scarf and that may work well too.  I had some lemon colored light weight acrylic yarn that I used and it gave me the longer length scarf I wanted.  It does crochet up quickly.  I’d like to make a few more of these mesh scarves.





Raen said...

Where did you find this pattern? This is exactly what I've been hoping to find to make for my sister.

Jean Vincent said...

Hi! This is just the look I have been searching for. Can you share the instructions for making this? Thanks very much!

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