Monday, July 7, 2008

07-07-08, still smoke-free. Happy Birthday to me!


Today is my birthday = 57 years old. I'm pleased and proud to report that I am still smoke free, having smoked my last cigarette September 2006. Means that I passed my one year anniversary of no smoking September 2007 and am on my way to second anniversary smoke free this year.

It's been entirely 'natural' to give it up without regret, and without much in the way of pangs or temptation to take it up again. Very much, absolutely wish I had given it up 20 years earlier.

Recording this post into my blog because my memory is experiencing holes now or 'senior moments' and I couldn't recollect which year I quit. Asked hubby when he quit and knew it was one year later that I quit. So he quit Nov 2005, and I quit Sept 2006. There now, if I forget again, it is recorded here.

I haven't thought much about it at all, but visited my account Eon because I received a  birthday greeting from one of the members.  Haven't been back to my Eon account, forgot I had subscription here. But when I did return, I see my one and only blog entry was about quitting smoking. So thought I'd update on that post and then go on from there.

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