Thursday, February 8, 2007

Waterproofing the exposed wood deck

The deck coating is peeling and bare wood is exposed. With the forever rain of Pacific Northwest, this is not a good state for the deck and it was in this state when we bought the house. I've worried about it and summer 2006 dear husband made it his project to attend to the deck.

We determined what had been used as the original covering, and it looks like the PO used roofing type of compound to waterproof the deck. I had thought it was more like a marina use compound. But apparantly not, as after comparing product at several stores and getting the wise counsel of building store staff, we determined it probably was not a marina waterproofing compound but a roofing compound.

So, we bought a couple of 5 gallon cans and hubby went to work. Peeling, scraping, and then applying first coat, letting it dry and applying second coat. I don't think he did a third coat, and we'll wait and see how it weathers through the rain of the Autumn, Winter, and Spring seasons to determine durability. Likely he will add another coat summer 0f 2007.

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