Sunday, February 25, 2007

A new Friend - International at that...

Look, I found a new friend! Smila. She left a comment here at my blog and I followed the link to find her blog = Smila's World. Oh, she has some fabulous ideas with photos she has posted at her blog. She looks like an accomplished seamstress with a creative flair. Her blog is in German, and I can't read it, but the photos tell a lot even without being able to read the words. Perhaps she will have picture type tutorials that anyone can follow without having to read in one language or another.

I will add the link to her blog here in my links as one of my new found friends . Give her blog a visit to see some rich and colorful ideas for what she has accomplished using fabric. It looks like some are refashions or remakes. You be the judge.


1 comment:

Smila said...

Thanks for your kind words.
Here is short explanation of my work:
All clothing you see on my blog is handmade and designed by myself and everything is "one of a kind".

In my main job I am an interior architect, something inbetween an architct and an interior designer and mother of a six year old girl.:-)

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