Sunday, January 7, 2007

project A Shrunken Sweater makes a child's dress; Wardrobe Refashion

from Wardrobe Refashion June 2006; A Shrunken Sweater makes a child's dress

My next project was to try to salvage a cute little wool sweater that my husband shrunk when my first daughter was a baby.

I cut off the short, stiff sleeves and some of the length. I then fashioned a "handkerchief" skirt from a layer of eyelet and a layer of lace I had in my stash. At the waist I added buttonholes for a velvet ribbon that ties in the back. And I can't forget the embellishment: some felt flowers at the neck. Now the shrunken sweater has been reborn into a fall/winter dress for my second daughter!

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