Friday, January 26, 2007

Project; the quilt I never made - not too late!

It was always my intention to make a heritage quilt out of the clothing my children outgrew as they got older. So I saved the clothing for decades (can you guess that my children are full grown adults now with children of their own!). Alas, after all those years, a mistake in storage and the saved treasures were ruined with dampness and mold. That project that I yearned to do won't be happening quite the way I envisioned, with squares of fabric from well loved children's clothing. And I never quite did manage to teach myself how to quilt. Great Grandma's sunbonnet hand sewn quilt, which was my inheritance, still needs to be quilted with a backing. I have some lifetime left, so I still think I may get around to completing this project.

But - there are the grandchildren, and if I can convince my daughters to save their children's clothing, perhaps there can still be a heritage quilt - or bedspread.

For now though, it might be fun to do what this lady at Sew and So did in making a jean bedspread - squares of jean-denim material. I think I'll need much more jeans/denim than I have, but again, can turn to daughters a
nd ask them to send along old and outgrown jeans.

How about some more denim projects? Denim placemats (use pocket to hold silverware); denim hotpack (from pants leg); denim pocket fridge magnet; denim winebags (from pants leg); denim pot holders (use old sweatshirts for batting)..... see these projects at

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