Sunday, January 7, 2007

Blogger upgraded and now my blogger tool isn't working

I'm not pleased to discover that with blogger's new upgrades I may have lost some reliable old functions. I've been blogging with blogger since 2004, so I've seen it in it's early stages of development. The upgrades over the years have made blogger more functional and user friendly. Recently blogger did an overall upgrade in conjunction with google. Well, some of it is good and some not so good.

Mostly, I'm disappointed that my ability to use my blogger button on my toolbar to do copy/paste blogging (clip it kind of thing) does not seem to work with this new blogger upgrade. It still works on my older blogs which I didn't 'upgrade' but it doesn't work with this new blog I created in blogger upgrades.

So, unless it is a glitch that will be fixed, I'm not too sure if this blog will continue. There is my very first blog at blogger - Wonderwander - and I'm still fond of that blog, nostalgic about it even, since it was my first blog. I may have to convert the intended theme of this blog over to Wonderwander. I've already posted a couple of new posts to Wonderwander that were intended for this blog. See Make T-Shirt Stencils from Freezer Paper and Independent America entries at my Wonderwander blog.

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