Sunday, January 7, 2007

Project - 5-minute t-shirt jacket

So okay then, Blogger help shows me there is indeed an as yet unfixed problem with the Blog This button in the newest blogger upgrade. Sigh. For now, then, I'm back to the 'old fashioned' way of blogging, but actually opening 'create a post' and doing the typing (instead of the copy/paste of Blog This).

Refashioning your t-shirts seems to be a big thing right now. And I have a lot of t-shirts from over the years, but I've gotten too big for many of those sized medium t-shirts. Well, gives me incentive though to shop for t-shirts again in the thrift shops. I'll be posting various refashion t-shirt ideas as I come across them.

Found this at
“wardrobe refashioning,” taking an item of ready-made clothing and turning it into something else

How to instructions;

Finished jacket (recommend pinking shears to cut or hem the edges, get creative and hem edges with edging, piping, lace)

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