Monday, August 23, 2004

Meanwhile back at home, we have a lot of these kinds of symbols, photos, poems, we are creating and circulating. We want to show the soldiers we mean business when we say we support our troops and thank them for what they are doing. We want them to know and realize that this country learned it's lessons from Vietnam and we will not shun the soldiers or spit on them, or defile their courageous acts as soldiers following orders. In fact, we, as a country, are so intent on not making the same mistakes that we did with soldiers and veterans of Vietnam, that we might be leaning so far over to avoid doing anything that resembles a likeness, we might be actually starting to believe our own sentimental version of patriotism. Yes, by all means, we should, will and shall support our troops, but we didn't need to go so far overboard that we mute our ability to question and challenge a bit the decisions of our President. Well, it's stll too early of a time for that, this is again, very early in the invasion in Iraq.  Posted by Hello

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