Monday, August 23, 2004

Duck Taped, Now what?

Dear President, I have my duck taped, now what do I do? Posted by Hello This was early on in the Iraq war when at homefront we were given the Color Alerts. There was anthrax being sent through the mail, and men in space suits clearing buildings, including buildings of Senators/Representatives. There were people, ie, postal employees who handled the contaminated mail and became very ill, some died. We had Orange alert with all kinds of news media hype being shared from the President and the President's people about immenent new terror attacks that could be chemical. . All kinds of what to do activities included buying duct tape to seal windows and doors so no chemicals could seep in. Also putting plastic around outside of your home. There was naturally a run on grocery stores and department stores to stock up on supplies and back up generators, flashlights, survival gear. It starts to blur in the timeline, but seems like this was also around the time the President had been telling us to Show Em we aren't afraid and haven't changed our lives and to go shopping.

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