Monday, August 23, 2004

At home as we wait for the daily news releases telling us what is happening in Iraq today, this photo comes from that early time in the invasion of Iraq. We know our soldiers are there and waiting for and following their marching orders. We at home, are still anxious and wondering how quickly it will all be over. Aren't we the foolish optimists here back at home? But remember this is events as they are developing, we do not yet have all the information that will follow and change the views from sentimentalism patriotism to a more mature questioning what it means to be patriotic. We do not yet know the President is defining for us the only correct way to be patriotic will be to accept unchallenged, his decisions and actions. We do not yet know that to challenge or question will amount to being called unpatriotic and not supportive of the troops.'s our own loved ones over there, our family..of course, we support the troops, and it's you, the President's patriotism we challenge and question..  Posted by Hello

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