Friday, July 30, 2004

Update, found the transcripts I was looking for..more to come.

Update:  I have found the Actual speech Rev. Al Sharpton presented at DNC and added it.  There was a press release speech it was planned for him to give, and he gave a quite different and rousingly patriotic speech instead..why, in response to the President's challenge on the African-American vote.  It's quite a powerful speech.

I also found the speech for Ret. Lt. Col. Steve Brozak and added that one.

I have also several other speeches, including Al Gore, and I will continue to add the speeches over the days ahead as I get time.  And of course, must have is John Kerry's acceptance speech.


For now, you can visit the more notable speeches at


And well, of course, you can find all the transcripts at the DNC website.

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